Asian Food-Being Healthy Tastes Good

Asian Food Organics Asian Food is world renowned for doing what many thought impossible, combining the healthy with the tasty. Research shows that diseases like cancer and diabetes are not as common in Asia as they are in the United States and that this may be attributed to diet. The Asian diet is based around grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fish, shellfish and vegetable oils. The Japanese especially, have found a wonderful diet regiment that has lead them to be one of the longest living people in the world. And they did this without sacrificing taste.

Let us provide you with the variety of Asian food products that you need to create a meal that is tasty and good for you too.

Portion Size and Mannerisms

One of the most prominent reasons the Japanese are able to avoid complications like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes is their ideology when it comes to eating. First of all, portion size is supposed to be small to medium, and you’re not supposed to eat so you get stuffed, but just until you’re about 80% full. Breakfast is the largest meal of the day and it’s supposed to fill you with lots of carbohydrates early in the day to cut down on any snacking urges you might have. Fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, noodles and rice are eaten throughout the day, and the meal at the end of the day is small to medium sized.

Sushi and Ingredients

Sushi is widely regarded to be one of the healthiest forms of food available. The Japanese have built a diet around a steady stream of it, which they have relied upon instead of pork or beef. Sushi, and the fatty acids commonly found in the fish used for it, have been known to prevent heart disease, to lessen depression, to help your brain functions, to boost your immune system, as well as control your cholesterol. Making sushi can be difficult, and it took the Japanese hundreds of years to get it just right, but there are several books that can help you perfect the art, and several sushi ingredient kits to get you started.

Asian and Shirataki Noodles

If you need Asian noodles, we deliver (no pun intended). Just a few of our offerings: Buckwheat, Shirataki, Pancit Canton, Pancit Lug-Lug, Sapporo Ichiban, and the list goes on. Noodle dishes are common in ancient and contemporary Japan. With the invention of instant noodles such as Top Ramen it has become easy to stray from the healthy and overdose on carbohydrates, especially if you’re a college student. But the introduction of Shirataki Noodles helps with that. The noodle dish is common in Japan, and has become a staple for those trying to eat healthy, or those just looking for a good meal. It is a high fiber, low calory, low carbohydrate, no sugar meal that will satisfy your taste buds, your stomach, and fit within any diet.

We're Your Supplier for Korean Foods

Korean BBQ SauceKorean foods are probably best known for being able to satisfy those with an affinity for spicy flavor. However we offer a range of Korean foods that will satisfy any palate. Want to have a barbeque, Korean-style? Try some of our delicious Korean BBQ Sauce or our Korean BBQ Mix.

For your sweet tooth--Try our Asian candy

Our candy inventory is as broad as our noodle inventory. We have all sorts of favorites: Hi-Chew, Pocky, Black Chocolate bars, Cola gum, fortune cookies, just about anything your sweet tooth craves. Order some Asian candy for yourself, or surprise someone with a sweet and unique gift.

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