Reap the benefits of Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green TeaIn the world of Asian foods and beverages, Chinese green tea is perhaps one of the most recognized offerings. Known for its light and slightly tangy flavor, this delicate brew has been enjoyed in Asia for nearly 4,000 years and has been rapidly gaining popularity in the West.

Scientific research shows that this beverage may offer many healthful benefits as well; such as decreasing the risk of cancer, lowering cholesterol levels and neutralizing free radicals. These benefits can be attributed to a powerful antioxidant called EGCG and the high vitamin C content in the leaves. Other teas are stripped of these antioxidants during the fermentation process. Green tea is not fermented, therefore retaining these healthful molecules.

Additionally, green teas are an excellent choice for people that are caffeine sensitive because they are generally lower in the stimulant than other varieties.

We offer several different varieties of this healthful and delicious beverage at great prices. Order some today and begin reaping the benefits upon delivery.

German Coffee for java lovers

German CoffeeNot a tea drinker? If you prefer drinking a cup of java with your Asian foods, then you are at the right place. is proud to offer Jacob's premium German coffee. The Germans are known for their love of delicious full-bodied brews. These beans will deliver a rich, robust flavor that is sure to satisfy, whether you are enjoying it as a morning eye opener or as a distinctive compliment to your favorite dessert. We offer Jacob's ground beans in three blends: Kronung ground regular, Kronung Free decaf, and Night & Day blend decaf, all at a very competitive price. Happy brewing!

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