Panko Bread Crumbs

panko 7 oz Panko bread crumbs originated in Japan back around 1970 and quickly became a cooking favorite, a must have for any Japanese groceries list.. There are many differences between American style and Pank bread crumbs, especially texture and density. The American crumb coating is heavier and denser while the Japanese crumb is much lighter.

Panko is also popular in many gourmet restaurants and a favorite ingredient in Japanese Sauces because of its airy texture. You can buy Panko bread crumbs online from Asian Food Grocer.

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Nori Seaweed

Omusubi Nori - for rice ballsNori is one of the easiest ways to eat seaweed. Nori seaweed is used as a garnish, wrapped around food or rice balls, or cooked as a condiment with tamari. The health benefits of this great food are a topic of great discussion today. It contains fibers, vitamins and minerals and like other seaweed, is a rich source of calcium, zinc and iodine. However, anyone on a sodium-restricted diet should be careful because seaweed contains sodium.

Ohmoriya Teriyaki Nori

How to use Nori sushi

Learning how to use Nori sushi does not have to be as difficult as it may seem at first. One thing that we can do to help make it easier for you is to offer you a complete sushi set that contains everything you need. It contains the essentials listed below:

  • S & B Wasabi Paste in Tube
  • Thick Bamboo Sushi Mat
  • California Rose
  • Sushi & Salad Vinegar
  • Sushi Ginger
  • Roasted (Yaki) Nori Sushi

Orchids Roasted Sushi Nori

These ingredients will help get you started on your endeavor to start making yummy meals or appetizers. You might also want to look into a set of dishes specially for sushi as well as a cookbook explaining recipes and different techniques for rolling or serving (note: you can also use our Sushi Magic Sushi Maker to help you make them.)

Proper Care of Nori

Once the sealed cellophane or plastic bag has been opened, Nori should be eaten at once. If not, it should be stored in a sealed container in a dark, cool, dry place to preserve its crispness.

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