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Introducing Our New Blog

Welcome to Asian Food Grocer's new blog! Take a journey with us as we explore recipes and provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to roll sushi or make a mean Miso soup. If you ever wondered about the origin of Wasabi, then this is the blog for you.

This is the place where Pocky lovers can discuss if Milk Pocky is better than Men's Pocky. Or find the answer to the all-important question, where's the women's Pocky? We'll feature fun blogs, informative how tos, and tips for navigating the Asian grocery store.

At, we take two things very seriously - Asian food and customer service. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions on how to improve our business. Please contact us if you have a question, comment, or an age-old family recipe you'd like to share. And if you have a blog idea, we'd like to hear that too! We love hearing from fellow foodies, so please don't be afraid to comment.

Check back later and learn more about Asian cuisine and culture. Or to satisfy your most recent craving, shop for Asian food now.


Ashley B. said:

This is an awesome idea. I was wondering if you could (eventually) do a blog entry on good products to buy for clubs that would give them a taste of Asian food right out of the box (since a lot of clubs require stuff to be store bought). Personally, I've been sticking to candy since those are individually wrapped, but it would be nice for a heads up on other things I could do.

Meriko said:

Hello AFG Blog! We're in Jacksonville Florida, and we actually have a couple of Asian food markets in our area. However with AFG's reasonable shipping charges, it's just better for us to shop on-line than to spend time and gas money going to the store. Additionally, AFG's products are very fresh, whereas we're never sure how long the local market has had their items on the shelf. We love San Francisco's AFG!

Aerica said:

HI! Like Meriko, we live in Jacksonville Florida :)
There are a number of markets here and they even sell Pocky at our super Wal-Marts but I love buying from AFG. I just got a package yesterday and my kids are always excited to see what I have bought. I love the variety of noodles especially the soba and the seasonings for rice that AFG offers. I think my kids would live off of rice balls if I let them! I look forward to the recipes and what other asian foodies have to say!

Soupmonkey said:

I live in a small town in Georgia. We have five Chinese, two Japanese, and one Thai restaurant. Getting Asian ingredients however is a sizable pain in the various extremities, This is why I have reduced my online shopping by five: it is now AFG alone. Thanks for putting up with my off the wall orders.

MeShell said:

I love Asian Food Grocer! I live in south Georgia, not a mecca for asian food or flavor but I can always find something good to try or order a LOT of Pocky for my anime crazy teenage daughters from AFG. I also want to comment on how well you package your shipments. I've never received anything by mail that was packaged as well or securely as everything that I've ever gotten from you.
I look forward to the recipes!

Monica Mujwid said:

Do you ever sell Pao Dumpling Mix?

This is a very good idea - I look forward to reading about your offerings; maybe i'll be inspired to try new things :-)

Sakura chan said:

You have Melon cream soda!! When I saw it I cried!!! I love melon cream soda! It reminds me of Japan.. thank you so much! I can't thank you enough... When I go to school I will be able to buy a bunch online here! You'll have to supply me for the next 4 yrs while I'm in college.. Now that I'll have the money.. and the need to make my own food. You need okonomiyaki sauce!! I wanna buy some.. but you don't have any... Hmp... But i did want to thank AFG for having reasonable shipping costs.. I love this site! I love the chop sticks from here too!!! Hehe me luv blog!! chuu!

Faith said:

Yay, finally! I've been a devoted AFG devotee for at least a million years, if not more! I've been loving the new, subtle facelift on AFG and the new variety. :D

Angela said:

I would love a great recipe for miso soup.I love it! and also Hot and sour soup. I've had and tasted it many different ways but nobody does it like the Chinese restaraunt down the street, if I could just get their recipe, I'd be so so happy! It's just the right combination of ingrd. not to tart not to hot. Thanks!

Makana said:

I didn't expect there to be fellow devoted Georgia shoppers on here! And more than one! That makes me rather happy. :)
But I love AFG. You guys are wonderful and always have such fun and new stuff to try that keeps me and my coworkers happy! We've got a little Japanese shop near us, but they don't have anywhere near the number and selection that AFG does, and you guys beat their prices any day! And I won't even get myself started on all the selection of seasonings and cooking supplies that's here. You guys rock for having all of them to choose from!
Be sure to keep bringing us new stuff to try! I look forward to your newsletters every week just to see what you got in! And I love recipes! Give us something sweet to make!

Merete said:

I love the website, and I keep checking for new and exciting products! I'm a professional cook, so anything I can experiment with is always a plus. In my area we have little more than "Chinese" buffets, so to make my own Asian food is much much better!
I know I sent in an e-mail request, but I figured I'd post on here as well - is there any chance you'd all be able to offer Qoo brand juices? They're made by Coca Cola and they won't let me order from them online. The apple juice is addictive, and my fiancee has been pestering me to find some for here in the states. I'm off to shop!

Thank you much for this nice post.

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