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Ten Favorite Asian Foods: No. 10 - Shirataki Noodles

From spicy curry to savory soup dumplings, Asian cuisine is amazing. Hard to imagine, but out of all the spectacular Asian dishes out there, we managed to select a few favorites. The number 10 slot in our weekly countdown goes to Shirataki noodles for being utterly delicious, easy to prepare, and yes, even a tad healthy.

Shirataki Mania

Shirataki noodles are translucent, low-carb noodles derived from a yam-like tuber known as Konjac. Although they don't have a discernible taste, they absorb whatever you throw into the pot. Slather these babies in soy sauce, garlic, or sesame oil. Some people might describe Shirataki noodles as "rubbery," but with a little love, some tofu, and a long boiling time, they'll arrive to your plate super soft and scrumptious.

shirataki and pan.JPG

Success with Shirataki

Shirataki noodles come packaged in liquid and are ready to eat right out of the package. Just pour the noodles into a colander and rinse them under hot water. If you are cooking with spaghetti Shirataki noodles, cut them down first using kitchen shears. Then, boil for about one minute and add some flavor. Serve with vegetables, tofu, or beans to make the dish more filling.

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Shirataki Noodles, the New Diet Do

These noodles are not only versatile, they are a diet superfood. If you ever wondered how to incorporate noodles into your strict low-carb diet, try these. They contain glucomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber found in plants. Besides weight loss, eating a high-fiber diet is thought to have many health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Glucomannan is also available in supplement form.

shirataki noodles 3.jpgIf you have a Shirataki recipe you'd like to share or any tips, please leave a comment. Don't forget to check back and see number nine in our countdown next week! You can find Shirataki noodles, recipes, and other Asian noodles at 


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