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Beijing Olympics Party Planning: Sushi Spectacular!

If you want to plan a Beijing Olympics party, Asian Food Grocer has all the theme party tips and supplies you need to throw the bash of the year. Readafg-olympics-2008.jpg here for the next few weeks to check out all our spectacular Beijing Olympics party planning advice and coverage.

Our first party planning idea is a cool mix of cuisine and decor. Think outside the bento box with a true showcase of Beijing Olympics spirit-the Sushi Spectacular pictured here. By artfully arranging circles of sushi on colored plates, you create a clever replica of the Olympic Rings. Best of all, thanks to assortment of sushi, it's also totally delicious. The beauty of this idea is that it's creative and eye-catching, without being extremely difficult to execute. You can modify the level of difficulty by choosing to hand-roll your own sushi using one of AFG's sushi party platters, having the sushi rolls catered, or simply buying sushi at the Asian Food Store. Easy peasy!

You can also choose to purchase rimmed plates in the Olympics colors, or simply paint the rims of some ordinary white plates for a fun Olympics craft project. The Beijing Olympics Sushi Spectacular is easy to complete and allows you to check off both party decor and menu planning in one swoop! We believe this is what is known by Olympic athletes as "shaving time. " Very nice!

To make executing this beautiful Beijing Olympics party idea even easier, we have compiled three sushi party platters available at various price points. We are sure they will assist you in having a fun and stress-free Beijing Olympics Party. Order now, 08/08/08 is just around the corner!

*Should you choose to take this Sushi Spectacular Challenge, please post pictures of your display to Flickr and send us the link! We would love to see your handiwork. 

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