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Japanese Snacks: Create a Unique, No-Stress Party Spread

If you want to have Japanese snacks at your next bash, but the thought of rolling sushi makes you break out into a sweat, relax. There are plenty of no-stress Japanese snacks that still achieve the authentic affect you are going for. For example, say you are having the guys over to watch the baseball game, but the ole' peanuts-and-crackerjacks routine is feeling a little stale. Replace the typical potato chips and Bud Light with a whole new array of Japanese snacks. Shrimp chips, wasabi peas, and roasted mixed nuts all make interesting new side dishes to munch while watching everyone's favorite baseball player, Ichiro. Don't forget to toast every home run with some refreshing Ramune soda. (Pssst, pocky is the new cracker jacks. Pass it on....)

If you are not a sports fan, there is still ample opportunity to introduce Japanese snacks into your party menu rotation. Hosting a book club? Skip the stereotypical brunch fare and opt for authentic Asian munchies instead. This is an especially great way to set the theme if you are reading Asian classics like Memoirs of a Geisha or the The Joy Luck Club. Regardless, your fellow readers will enjoy Japanese snacks like honey rice crackers, chocolate bread, and dried mango to mix up the usual mimosa/croissant combo. You will be the hostess with the mochi mostest!

Last but not least, if you are planning a summer bbq, why not tap in to the hot trend of a candy buffet? Candy buffets are lighter and less expensive than full-on dessert menus, and leave a sweet taste in the mouth of all your guests. Set out bowls, scoops, and containers filled with yummy Japanese snacks like green tea candy, fizzing cola candy, yogurt candy, and more. Between the bubble-gum blowing contests and whistling contests, your candy buffet will be the hit of the party.

If you are looking for fun new cuisine ideas that also teach a cultural lesson, check out Asian Food Grocer for all your Japanese snacks! The party possibilities are endless.....

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