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Pocky Poll: What's your Favorite Flavor?

pocky_.jpgIt started in Japan with a simple biscuit stick coated in chocolate. More than forty years later, it can be found in Asian markets from the U.S. to Australia. It's Pocky and more addictive than potato chips. Japanese teenagers in the 1970's were the first to catch Pocky fever. After sweet success with chocolate, the Pocky factory went wild. Now it's available in enough flavors and colors to make your head spin. This snack food even has its very own holiday in Japan -- Pocky Day, celebrated November 11.

You probably already tasted chocolate, got sick of strawberry, and became enamoredpocky 4.jpg with almond. But did you know about grape Pocky, fortune-telling Pocky, sweet potato Pocky, mild and bitter Pocky, or Lychee Flake Pocky? Pocky makers even managed to create reverse Pocky, which (hence the name) has frosting inside the crispy cookie.

If you had to choose one, what flavor would be your favorite? We know it's a tough choice; you don't want to hurt the other Pockys' feelings. Those who can't pick just one might want to satisfy their Pocky palate with this snack bundle pack. To stock up on Pocky and other delicious treats, shop


.Exe said:

I really, really liked the Berry G Pocky, but I know that it was only a seasonal Pocky. So out of the ones listed, I like the Almond Crush Pocky best.

AhJeong said:

My favorites are actually Green Tea & Mousse Pocky!! : ]

Kitteh said:

Pocky Decorer Torokeru Montblanc. Best hands down. Though I like any with intense flavours, the tahitian vanilla, coconut, royal milk tea, they are all great. Sad part is, I live so far south, I cannot order any of them in the summer, they melt into a solid block. I end up waiting till the end of fall to order more.

Makana said:

I pretty much like all kinds of Pocky. They're all great! Almond Crush is definitely my favorite, followed closely by the simple classic strawberry and white chocolate. But I love trying new flavors and look forward to seeing any unique or new ones added here.

Danisa said:

i LOVE pocky! over a span of 3 or so years, i have tried EVERY single pocky, (including all regional, giant sizes.), except for kobe wine. my favorites are giant natsumikan pocky (which tastes like grapefruit & mandarin orange) and giant canadian maple pretz (so sweet & tasty). i wish ALL the regional items were available here and kit kats ;D that'd be awesome!!! ;3

meDude said:

When my friend asked me if I wanted a "Men's Pocky", I was about to beat him upside the head, yo, cause I thought he was coming on to me.
But when i had some yo, I really liked it. They good dude.

Free Chat said:

I found this blog on a google search and boy am I glad I did. I thought I heard someone mention it in a free chat room.
Awesome read!

Blue said:

I like the mousse pocky and the dessert pocky the best. :) I don't know if those are season but I haven't seen the chocolate dessert pocky come back I've only seen the orange one :(

Evelyn said:

I enjoy the Almond Crushed Pocky and the Strawberry Pocky. Sadly I've never eaten the Green Tea or Mousse Pocky. Oh would anybody know where I could buy Pepero? I'm thinking it may be seasonal because I can't find it anywhere. I know this blog is about Pocky, but I have no trouble finding a place that sales Pocky thanks to the Asian Food Grocer. :D

Jesse said:

POCKY POCKY POCKY!!!!.....My fav i guess is the strawberry or the chocolate coconut.
But I also love to try other kinds ....I tired like 20 others at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

navasha said:

My favorite pocky flavor is chocolate,but it really doesn't matter to me cause i love pocky sticks

Rufor said:

Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!
Have a nice day

Michelle said:

I've only tried the common favors and what AFG has to offer. Out of what I've tried only one has completely captured my taste buds: pumpkin flavor. That was probably a year or two ago. Thus far I haven't been successful in finding it once more. What a pity it. I miss that sweet velvety texture and taste.

Ashley said:

I am looking for Strawberry Marble pocky do you know where I can find some?

Libby said:

My favorite by far has to be the mixed berry pocky, which, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get since I was in Japan almost two years ago. The page says it's been discontinued, which I think is a travesty.

...The different kinds of dessert pocky were pretty good, too, though.

Tori said:

I suck, and live in a place that doesn't have a ton of asian, so I've only ever had choco pocky |D

Anonymous said:

Cookies and cream panda pocky.

yee-she said:

i luv pocky stix they are so cute and crunchy.
my favorite flavor is crunchy milk chocolate almonds, strawberry drizzls and regular milk chocolaates as well as the mill choco.

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