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Top 10 Asian Foods: No. 8 Original Ramune Soda

original ramune soda.jpgOriginal Ramune Soda takes lucky number eight in our top 10 Asian foods countdown. Yes, it's a technically a beverage, not food. But before you write us with allegations that the countdown is fixed, try a bottle. As soon as that lemony fizz hits your lips, you'll fall head over heels for Original Ramune Soda.

Like hot dogs in the U.S., Ramune Soda symbolizes summer in Japan. The Japanese drink Ramune Soda to cool down on warm festival days and nights. It comes in many flavors, including Melon, Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Hello Kitty, Curry, and Wasabi. Original Ramune Soda tastes like carbonated lemonade.

orange-ramune.jpgNot only is Ramune Soda refreshing, it wears a cool costume. It comes in a codd-neck bottle with a marble inside. We like how the cute marble swirls around inside the drink; it definitely beats that Tequila worm! Ramune newbies sometimes have difficulty using the marble to stop the flow. Click on Ramune Soda and follow our instructions before you open your first bottle.

Wash down Wasabi peas, rice crackers and other Japanese snacks with this beverage. And try Ramune Soda Candy to get the flavor without the fizz. Shop for Ramune Soda and more Japanese beverages at

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