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Top Ten Asian Culture Blogs

afg-banner-jul08.gif1) 3 Yen. From Japanese fashion, gadgets and travel trends, this Asian hipster blog has it all. Check out funny videos, timely human interest articles, and the cultural phenomenons that are all the rage in Japan.

2) Eating Asia. While this blog has a heavy food focus that made us seriously consider it for our top food blogs round-up, the way Eating Asia brings the sights and sounds of their Asian adventures to life through vivid photography and intricate narratives convinced us it was more of an Asian culture blog overall. You will love these awesome action shots of Asian food being prepared, as well as the often-verbatim dialog transcripts that accompany them.

3) Tofugo. If you need a crash course in Asian food and etiquette, this blog is the place to be.  It is also filled with relevant news, like who won the most recent hot dog-eating contest.No matter what the topic, each article is in depth and well-researched, making this our top three pick for best Asian Culture blog.

4) East Asian Culture Blog. This is culture with a capital "C," forsaking pop references for more high-end matters like Asian instruments, poetry and history. Light on fluff, heavy on social issues and seriously thought-provoking questions, this is the blog to turn to for Asian culture with a side of intellect.

5) Hyphen Blog. The blogging branch of this uber-hip Asian-American magazine is just as edgy as its publication partner. Learn everything from the history of the fortune cookie (who writes those things anyway?), to current advances for Asian-Americans in entertainment, law and history. For the very latest in Asian-American news and pop culture, come here.

Five more great Asian culture blogs after the jump, so keep reading!

6) Asian Echoes. This is an interesting blog whose cultural specialty is Asian Literature. What makes these book reviews unique is that, in addition to discussing the plot and the characters, there is a special feature called "Culture Shock" where the blogger rates the amount of Asian culture contained in each book, and its validity.If you want to take the literary route to learning more about Asia, check this blog out.

7) YeinJee's Asian Journal. Did you know the Guiness World Record for the largest simultaneous foot massage was in Taiwan? Then you haven't been reading this fab blog. From Asian celebrity news to cool commercials, emerging Asian bands and the occasional quirky phenomenon, this blog is a careful collection of human-interest pieces pertaining to Asian culture.

8) The Shanghaiist. This is a news-packed Asian culture blog featuring the very latest in religion, sports, politics and cultural etiquette. The writing is top-notch and the reporting is up-to-the-minute, so if you want a look at the real China in real-time, this is the place to be.

9) A Walk in Hachioji. This is a true insider's glimpse into Asia, specifically Hachioji in Japan. The blogger details his daily commute through in-depth writing and photojournalism, as well as the  cafes and museums he frequents in his time off. The result is a blog that really shows you life in Japan in a genuine way, and the writing is so great it's worth reading just for the blogger's intelligent and striking prose. For a blog that has something for everyone, check this out.

10) What Japan Thinks. If you like your Asian culture delivered via hard-and-fast statistics, check out this blog's bevy of colorful pie charts on everything from Asian religious views, marriage rites, inventions and more. If you've ever wanted to set the record straight about Asian stereotypes, learn the facts at this blog full of interesting modern surveys.


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