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Beijing Olympic Party Planning: Wasabi Olympics

When planning your Olympic party, don't sit around staring at the television. Capture the Olympic spirit with your own spin-off competition - the Wasabi Olympics! Entertain your guests during those long commercial breaks with these three events. Not everyone can be an Olympic athlete, but most people can compete in this triathlon. Hopefully, your guests show up hungry.

wasabi paste 1.jpgEvent 1:  Wasabi Eating Contest 
Only the strong will survive a Wasabi eating contest. Even Glutton Bowl champions can't handle the Wasabi heat. See how much Wasabi your friends can withstand by putting a quarter-size dollop of this Wasabi paste on their sushi plates. After they stop crying, give them another and keep score until all of the contenders drop out, leaving one Wasabi warrior in the winner's circle. Once the contest is over, the winner might be able to light the Olympic torch with their breath. Extinguish the fire in their mouths with Ramune soda and get the camera ready -- you will want to capture your friends' faces as they take on Wasabi.

wasabi grated.jpgEvent 2: Wasabi Trivia Contest
During the second event, give your stomach a rest and test your brain power with a Wasabi trivia contest. Read this Wasabi blog and write down a few trivia questions, such as, how is Wasabi grown? And what ingredients make up Wasabi paste? After you crown the winner, blindfold your guests and have a taste test to see if your friends can tell the difference between real Wasabi and the impostor.

wasabi peas 2.jpgEvent 3: Wasabi Pea Catch Contest
Coordination. Balance. Speed. The last event tests three important athletic abilities. Throw Wasabi peas in the air then try to catch them with your mouth. Tricky, isn't it? Only the most accomplished Wasabi athletes can catch 20 or more peas in their mouth without any falling to the floor. In this contest, whoever catches the most Wasabi peas wins.

You can also rate performances. If someone dives to the floor and makes an amazing catch or twists into a triple axle, hold up the 10 card. To make it more challenging, blindfold contenders or have them catch peas with disposable chopsticks. You could even try to shoot Wasabi peas through a straw at a target, archery style.

Closing Ceremony

After the Wasabi Olympics, celebrate your triumphs at a closing ceremony. Make it less somber and more spirited than the one held at the Beijing Olympics. Spray event winners and Wasabi warriors with Ramune soda. Hand out Wasabi-related prizes for first, second, and third place.

Comment below if you ever held your own Wasabi Olympics and have any stories to share. Shop for Japanese snacks for your party and fun prizes for your guests at Asian Food Grocer.   

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