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Introducing Japanese Candy, Class of 2008 (Pocky Awarded "Most Likely to be Delicious")

Chocolate pocky.jpgIf we gathered all the Japanese candy out there and put them in high school, Pocky would be crowned prom king. It's no surprise - Pocky sticks are cute, super sweet, and full of personality. In the Japanese Candy High School yearbook Pocky would be voted Most Popular; Best All-Around Japanese Candy;  Most Likely to Succeed; Most Friendly; Best Smile; and even Best Figure (everyone envies those tall, thin Pocky sticks). But what about the Japanese candy living in the Pocky shadow? It's time to flip through the Japanese Candy High School yearbook and give other candy the recognition they deserve.

black black gum_1pack400.jpgBlack Black Gum - "Class Valedictorian." If Black Black Gum attended Japanese Candy high, it would be the Valedictorian (otherwise known as the over-achiever). Black Black gum contains oolong tea, ginseng, and vitamin B3 to stay focused on tests and projects. The Black Black Gum claim to fame? It was once featured in an issue of Wired Magazine for it's endless energy and achievements. Black Black Gum comes in a single pack, five-pack, or tub. Consider yourself lucky if you can get Black Black Gum as a study partner.

Coris-Bunny-Whistling-Ramune Candy -thumbnail.jpgRamune Candy -  "Sweetest Student." Remember the girl in high school who was only well-known because of her popular brothers and sisters? That's Ramune candy. Everyone loves her big brother, Ramune soda for his sweet nature and theatrics with the marble. But Ramune candy has a fun and fizzy side that only her best friends know about. Check out this Ramune Whistle candy or this Ramune candy five pack if you want to get to know Ramune candy better.

Kasugai gummy.jpgKasugai Gummy  - "Best Overall Personality." It's a toss up between Kasugai Gummy and Pocky, but Kasugai gummy has the best overall personality. Even people that strongly dislike Japanese candy fall for Kasugai. Try Kasugai grape, Kasugai kiwi, Kasugai lychee or any of the other Kasugai gummy flavors. Each one has a refreshing burst of real fruit flavor and a pleasant aroma. Kasugai is definitely not the smelly kid in class.

Kanten Konbu.jpgKanten Konbu - "Most Misunderstood." When most people think of seaweed, candy doesn't come to mind. Yes, Kanten Konbu is the "nerd" of Japanese Candy high. But like with the unpopular kids in high school, people really miss out if they don't give this candy a try. It's unique, artsy, and rich with flavor. Once you get past the "ick" factor from the unusual seaweed-candy combination,  Kanten Konbu will be a regular in your rotation.

If only we had time to feature all of our favorite treats. From the misunderstood to the sugary sweet, every Japanese candy deserves a chance in the spotlight. Check out the Japanese candy that didn't make the cut, as well as many delicious Asian food recipes, at Asian Food


Janet said:

I loved seaweed candy that had a sweet taste and had a texture like licorish. It was twisted in a sheet a plastic. the package was designed to see thru and also some of it was green, the size of a medium size note pad.

I am so lost the last 15 years about where to find it/buy it. Does anyone know??

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