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Introduce your Kids to Asian Food with Fun Chop

fun chop.jpg  Introduce your kids to delicious Asian food early in life when you purchase them a Fun Chop. These colorful rubber "clips" function as training wheels for chopsticks, adding extra grip and control for ease of use. Created by a father who wanted to help his children learn to use chopsticks, they are perfectly based on youngsters' needs. By buying your kids Fun Chops, you set them up for a yummy life of easily feasting on Asian food. In fact, with Fun Chop they will be eating sushi, miso, noodles and more in no time!

 Since picking up new skills is easier for children, it pays to get your children started on Fun Chop early. Fun Chop is suitable for children over the age of three, so basically if they can dress themselves (however oddly) they can use chopsticks with Fun Chop. Teaching them to use chopsticks early will help them cultivate a taste for delicious Asian food early, and save them the trouble and embarrassment of having to learn when they are older. Prepare your child for a life of culture, travel and cuisine with Fun Chop!

 Available in a variety of colors, these playful little chopstick helpers are a friendly addition to your Asian food utensils. Help your child develop a taste for Asian food early in life with a little help from Fun Chop (hint, they work for adults too!)


Anonymous said:

im 11 and i like japanese/chinese food and i like to respect there culture and eat with chopsticks but i dont kno how this is great

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