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Sushi Round Up - What's Your Favorite Fish?

ikura.jpgCenturies ago, someone (surely a genius) found out that salted fish lasts longer if it's placed in rice. Behold the birth of sushi! These days, sushi isn't so simple. As shown, it comes in many variations, from the basic rainbow roll to the exotic sea urchin.

Sushi usually takes on four basic forms: norimaki (roll), gunkan (small cups made rice and nori), temaki (hand-rolled cones) and nigiri (small rice balls). Sushi wouldn't be so delicious without the help of its three friends: soy sauce, Wasabi paste, and pickled ginger.

RainbowRoll.jpgWe corralled all different kinds of sushi into a survey to find out what fish has the most fans. If your favorite sushi isn't on the list, comment below and tell us why you think it should make our sushi survey. Before you take the poll, get to know the various types listed below or read up on the difference between sushi and sashimi.

Rainbow Roll - As visually stunning as it is delicious, a rainbow roll is a California roll with sashimi (usually hamachi, sea bass, salmon, and tuna) and avocado on the outside.
Ikura  - Salmon roe (eggs) usually served in small cups (gunkan) made of sushi rice and nori. Don't order this if you can't stomach caviar.
Tekka Maki -  Classic tuna roll. A good starter sushi for novices. 
Toro - Tuna belly. Think of it as the foie gras of the sea. It's tasty, super tender, and sometimes the most expensive sushi on the menu.  
Tako - Octopus
Unagi - Eel
Hamachi - Yellow tail.
Uni - Sea Urchin. You can also find uni roe, although it's somewhat rare.
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Oliver said:

I can't stand sushi. Who wants to eat tuna belly? Informative article though. Well done.

Asian Food Grocer said:

I thought the same thing. There are some things that just sound crazy to eat. My friends started me on a veggie california roll that had mostly avocados and imitation fish eggs; and it had some other normal sounding things. But once I dipped it in the soy sauce and wasabi I was in heaven.

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