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Crazy Sushi Creations

Sushi makes everyone smile. It's no surprise that those colorful California rolls appear in places other than the dinner plate. But sometimes sushi looks too good to eat. We went on a sushi safari (ok, so we were surfing the internet) to explore the most innovative sushi creations. Get your chopsticks ready and dig in to this feast for the eyes!

Thumbnail image for sushi and chopsticks.jpgWe found this sushi lego creation at Absolutely adorable and worth the hours of work. We hope those little Lego people enjoy their sashimi. But how do they use disposable chopsticks with those tiny, fingerless hands?

Thumbnail image for sushi_highres_combofull.jpg

Why eat sushi when you can wear it around? We found this jewelry set at at Bag Maki rolls: the newest fashion accessory since tiny dogs. Spread the word.

sushi panda.jpg These sushi rolls are too cute! But who wants to eat something that darling? Look at those pleading Panda eyes and those puffy Panda cheeks. Can't eat...too cute....must resist.

sushi tire cover.jpg

We found this sushi gem at By law, everyone should get rid of those unsightly black tire covers and roll with this. Warning: this is not an actual sushi roll. Please refrain from chasing the car or you might get run over.

586220_sushi_flower.jpgWould a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Not if it's made of sushi. But this sashimi rose is truly a sight for sore eyes.


And finally, tasty sushi candy brought to you by Glue Gun Crafts. Doesn't it look like real sushi? Yummy. You can learn how to make sushi for yourself here. What a tasty treat for holiday parties!

Hungry yet? If you're salivating for sushi, (sorry, couldn't resist) check out our sushi supplies. And please send us a photograph of your own sushi art. We'll post it in the next round of sushi creations.


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