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Favorite Asian Foods No. 7: Shrimp Chips

shrimp chips bag.jpgIt isn't easy to pick 10 favorites out of all the Japanese snacks out there. Walking down the Asian food store aisle, it seems like every colorful package is crying out, "pick me, pick me." No offense to all the other Japanese snacks, but shrimp chips (sometimes called prawn crackers) take number seven in our favorite Asian foods countdown. Crunchy, cute, and super addictive, shrimp chips are the triple threat of Japanese snacks.

Made from deep-fried flattened out prawns, these Japanese snacks can be found in Asian food stores across the U.S. Most Asian food stores carry pre-cooked shrimp chips (similar to potato chips) and translucent disk-shaped shrimp chips that must be deep fried before serving. If you are new to shrimp chips and would rather not dirty your frying pan, start with pre-cooked. Expect a subtle shrimp flavor and light, crispy texture.

When you buy shrimp chips, keep them crunchy. Don't let them sit in a partially opened bag or they'll quickly turn stale. Put some in a bowl and close the bag with a shrimp chip-clip (cute) or eat them all at once. Be warned, shrimp chips are super addictive and you can go through a whole bag in one sitting. Especially when watching "Iron Chef."

What chip would be complete without a dipping partner? Dip them in hot sauce, try them in cheese, or flavor them with Japanese seasonings. These hot and spicy shrimp chips make a flavorful stand-alone snack. Here's a little known secret about shrimp chips -- you can crunch them up and use them as breading for fried chicken. Pack your shrimp chips, shrimp-fried chicken, Ramune soda, and disposable chopsticks in a basket and head out on a Japanese-inspired picnic.

To find shrimp chips and other Japanese snacks, shop Asian Food Grocer. And check back soon for our number six in our favorite Asian Foods countdown.


Eilish said:

We had prawn cracker several times in Ireland. This year my 13 yr old son came home and ask if we could find them in NYS. THANKFULLY a local Asian market had the ones that you need to fry yourself!!

They are an odd item if you are not used to them but odd does not mean 'not good' -- and they are definitely addictive!!

Merete Halvorson said:

My favorite Asian food product so far is Qoo Apple juice! I sure hope they get some here on AFG for us to buy! I couldn't get enough when I was overseas.

I was wondering if anyone would have a recipe for a dumpling I was fortunate enough to sample on a recent trip to New York. It's called Shau Lon Pau, and it's a type of dumpling that has broth inside the dumpling with the meat. you have to bite a hole in the dumpling and suck out the broth or risk burning your mouth. it was delicious, and unfortunately not available in my area.

does anyone have a recipe or know of a website with the recipe that I could check out? thanks!

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