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Japanese Candy, Origami Crafts, and More

Halloween is fast approaching and you're probably starting to plan your annual ghoulish get-together. While Japan may not celebrate Halloween the way that we do in America, anyone who's seen Ringu or Ju-On knows they know more than a little about scaring up a good time.  So this year, why not add a little Japanese flair to your frightening festivities?

Types of Japanese Candy

For starters, there are plenty of delicious Japanese candy to satisfy the sweet tooth of any Halloween partier.  This year Asian Food Grocer offers a bundle pack of individually wrapped candies perfect for party bowls or giveaways at the door.  Kasugai gummies may not give you the startled "eeks" and "aiiees" of traditional Halloween fare like gummy eyeballs, but the resulting "oohs" and "ahs" from your delighted guests will more than make up for it.

When decorating for your party might we suggest you check out the delightfully devious Origami Club for Halloween favor ideas?  Folded paper spooks and spirits add a personal touch to your party, and provide treats for your party guests that are so good it's scary! (Okay, these puns are getting a bit out of hand. I will try to go easy on them.)

Fun Halloween Crafts: An origami paper skull

Today I'll show you how to make a spooktacular (sorry) paper skull in a couple minutes.  Complete instructions for this and other Halloween origami can be found at Origami Club.  You can cut your own paper to make your decorations, but for the best results consider Asian Food Grocer's wide selection of origami paper in all sorts of styles and colors sure to scare and delight your fellow boys and ghouls (oh that was bad).

  1. skull_1.jpgStart by folding your origami paper diagonally to crease it.

  2. skull_2.jpgFold two of the side together to form a point as shown.  Next, fold the top opposite the point down to make a carrot shape.

  3. skull_3.jpgNext fold the point about 2/3rds up in a crinkle pattern as shown.  This will give you the separation between the jaw and the rest of the skull.

  4. skull_4.jpgFlip your model over and fold the point up and down in the jaw portion as shown, this will form the teeth.  If it doesn't match up perfectly you can tuck the excess behind the jaw if you like.

  5. skull_5.jpgNow add the eyes and nose and your skull is complete!

skull_complete.jpgNow scare up some friends (whoops) for your monster mash (oh jeez) and you'll be howling at the moon in no time (I really am sorry).