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Asian Food Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

stocking.pngCan you feel it? It's only Thanksgiving and the holiday intensity is palpable. What do you get your 75-year-old grandma, college-student, or postal worker for the holidays? This year, rather than handing them an impersonal gift card (which will forever remain in the junk drawer graveyard), stuff stockings full of their favorite Asian goodies. Joy! With these ideas, your holiday shopping is almost done.

Ramen, Shirataki Noodles, and Pocky: Satisfying Snacks for College Students

Every college kid suffers from cafeteria overload. "Scrambled eggs..again?" Stuff your college student's stocking with satisfying snacks for all-night study sessions. College students love Pocky, especially if they majored in Japanese or joined an Anime club. If they're too old for stockings but you still want to get them something sweet, check out this Pocky Lovers pack. And you can't go wrong with Ramen noodles; an easy-to-make, classic dorm room delight. If they're trying to avoid the freshman fifteen, fill their stocking with healthy Shirataki noodles instead.

Warm Hearts with German Coffee and Good Conversation

Your stylist intently listens to all your troubles, your postal worker fights rain and snow to bring you your mail, and your dog groomer does an excellent job with Fido's nails. This year, think beyond the cash tip. Gourmet, world-renowned Kronung German coffee shows your favorite people in the service industry how much you appreciate their hard work. And the caffeine gives them just the boost they need. Every present is better shared -- invite them inside, pour two cups of German coffee and listen to their stories. Good conversation over a savory cup of Joe is the best gift of all.

Jolly Japanese Candy for Kids

Stockings hung by the chimney with care...and full of Japanese candies! Japanese candy is colorful, sweet, and absolutely delightful! Kids can't get enough of Hello Kitty snacks and candy. Put this Hello Candy gift pack under the tree for a sweet surprise from Santa. If you'd rather not deal with the sugar after effects, stuff their stocking with non-edible trinkets like these super-cute collectible erasers.

Holiday Gifts and Asian Cooking Sets for the World's Best Grandparents

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for presents.pngWhen the holidays are only three days away and your scrambling for gifts, do not succumb to that "World's Best Grandma" sweatshirt. Sure, everyone likes to be the "World's Best" but it's a tad uncouth when she shows up to the Senior Center and sees her friend wearing the same shirt. Japanese bath salts and soft, chewy candy make great stocking stuffers for seniors. And every Grandma, World's Best or not will love this tea kettle. If she's the crafty type check out our wide selection of origami paper. And for the "World's Best" cook, take a look at our sushi sets and bundle packs of miso paste and soup.

We'll showcase sweet holiday gifts and Asian recipes all season long, so check back soon. In the meantime, stock up on all the Asian groceries you'll need for the holidays at Asian Food Grocer. 


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