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These Holiday Pocky Creations Will Knock Your Stockings Off

Need a flag pole for your gingerbread house? Or fuzzy antlers for your reindeer? Or drum sticks for your little drummer boy? Asian Food Grocer presents...drum roll please...the most inventive holiday Pocky creations ever! From a Pocky winter wonderland to Pocky gingerbread houses, these confectionery creations make working with Pocky look like a piece of cake.

Pocky Wonderland Forest

Not Quite Nigella Pocky Forest.jpgWalking in a Pocky wonderland. Who wouldn't want to get lost in this edible forest? This creation comes from Not Quite Nigella - an Australian foodie with a passion for homemade Pocky. Not Quite Nigella made her own Pocky for this cake (we know, she's seriously talented) but if your baking skills aren't up to par, replicate her winter wonderland with Milk Pocky, Chocolate Crush Pocky, or Hazelnut Dessert Pocky. She also includes a recipe for an equally appealing and visually stunning Pocky sundae. Can't wait to see what the Pocky pro makes next!

Pocky Gingerbread House

pocky gingerbread house.JPGWhen it comes to gingerbread houses, Pocky is the new candy cane. Use it to make a door frame or flag pole, spell out words, create a snow-lined roof, or even as logs for a cabin gingerbread house. For inspiration, take a look at this gingerbread house from Miss Jellybeano. And this award-winning gingerbread castle from Unschool Me is the perfect example of how you can use Pocky sticks to make flag poles. A medieval feast for the eyes!

Purely Ornamental Pocky

___Pocky_Earrings____by_Shiritsu.jpgTo give Pocky presents that don't come with poundage, take a look at these adorable earrings by Shiritsu on DevianArt. When you wear these earrings, don't be surprised if someone tries to nibble on your lobes. Pocky is just that good. If you're super crafty like this artist, don't stop at earrings. Make Pocky ornaments for the tree!

Send us pictures of your own holiday Pocky creations for future Pocky posts. And check back later for holiday recipes and ideas from Asian Food Grocer.


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