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Weekly Recipe: Miso and Maple Marinated Pork

When the weather outside is frightful...stay inside and cook something delightful! Every week, we'll feature a new recipe from our Asian Food Recipes section. Since it's winter and the holidays are coming up, we picked Miso and Maple marinated pork. Infused with a fantastic  fantastic blend of flavors, this marinade features: tart apples, carmelized onions, the sweetness of maple syrup and subtle saltiness of Aaka (red) miso.

Try it out and then tell us what you think. And if the miserable weather makes you crave Miso (like we do), explore our wide section of Miso Paste and Miso Soup.

1  lb Pork tenderloin or center-cut loin, boned and fat-trimmed
1/3 c Aaka miso
1/3 c Maple syrup
1/4 c Rice wine ( Sake ), or Dry white wine, or Water
2 tb Minced Ginger
2 Apples, medium-sized
Lemon juice
1 Onion, large - cut into wedges and separated into layers


1. Cut meat into 1/8" thick slices 6-7" long. In a heavy plastic food bag (about 1 quart), combine miso, syrup, sake, ginger, and pork; mix well. Seal shut and chill for at least 1 hour or up until the next day.

2. Core apples; cut into 1/2" wedges. Moisten with lemon juice to preserve color.

3. Thread a thin skewer through the end of a pork slice, then a piece of onion and a piece of apple. Weave skewer through meat slice again and repeat process, dividing ingredients among 4-8 skewers. If made ahead, cover and shill up to 3 hours. 

4. Lay skewers on grill 4-6" above a solid bed of medium-coals (you can hold you hand at grill level for only 4-5 seconds). Baste with marinade and turn often until meat is no longer pink in center (cut to test), about 10 minutes.

You'll impress your holiday dinner guests with this delectable dish. Check back next week for another delicious recipe. If you can't wait, take a look at our Asian cookbooks. They're the perfect holiday gifts for novice chefs.



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