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Favorite Asian Foods No. 6: Lotte Chewing Gum

lotte cool mint gum.jpgIf chewing gum is not included among your favorite snacks or has never interested your taste buds, Japan's Lotte gum may have the flavors and variety to change your mind.

Lotte chewing gum has been providing Japanese and Korean 'chewers' with a broader - and more unusual array - of gum varieties for over fifty years. Aside from providing those offerings we all know well such as Coolmint, Wintergreen, and Citrus, Lotte gum also comes in Blueberry, Green Tea and Melon.

Looking for more out of your chewing gum?  Check out Lotte's Black Black gum.  This intense flavored mint gum comes packed with ginseng, oolong tea extract, b3 vitamins and an added boost of caffeine.  For the adventurous gum enthusiast, check out Lotte's Lycee flavored product.

Lotte gums have a unique texture and intensity.  What a great alternative to the minty (ho hum) Western chewing experiences we're familiar with! Lotte's gum is also made with all natural products. What flavors of Lotte chewing gum have you tried? Answer our poll below!

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