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Table for Two: Valentine's Day Sushi (and more) for Sweeties

If you're a guy looking for Valentine's Day gifts, stop right now. In Japan, it's custom for women to buy men Valentine's gifts and chocolate! The men return the favor on White Day (March 14). Both holidays are just around the corner, so get your roses ready and cook up super romantic sushi and more with our Valentine's Day guide.

Flowers and chocolate? So cliche! Pamper your sweetie with heart-shaped sushi rolls, origami Valentines, and Japanese candy. Romantic sushi for two and no reservations necessary!


Love is like a Red, Red Sashimi Rose

Present your loved one with a bouquet of the freshest flowers: Sashimi roses made from salmon or tuna! Sprinkle salmon eggs in the center and lay the roses on a platter with tiny radish buds. A nutritious, delicious bouquet of love! If you aren't schooled in the art of making sushi roses (few are) sign-up for a sushi-making classes for two. Or give your Valentine a sushi maker and cookbook along with flower kiss candy.

Heart-Melting Sushi

valentine_4.thumbnail.jpgWhile the sashimi rose is for skilled sushi handlers, even novices can make heart-shaped sushi. You'll need a heart-shaped sushi mold or sushi kit. Place nori sheets into the mold. Add vinegared rice. Use a rice spatula to create a groove in the middle of the rice and carefully place your favorite ingredients inside (think pink!). Voila! Heart-shaped sushi for your Valentine. For a simpler version of heart-shaped sushi, arrange round sushi rolls into a giant heart on a platter. Use chopsticks and pierce the heart with an arrow. (Picture from Sushi or Death's Valentine's special).

Pink Pocky Cupcakes, Japanese Candy, and Origami Valentineslips candy.jpg

Now that you finished the darling dinner, paint the town pink with Japanese candy and origami Valentines. Stick strawberry dessert Pocky into pink Valentine's Day cupcakes. Make a rose out of red origami paper for an Asian twist on regular Valentines. And nothing says Be Mine quite like adorable Hello Kitty snacks. Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or White Day, holiday planning doesn't have to be hard. Shop Asian Food Grocer for everything you'll need to create a fabulously festive feast! Then take our poll and tell us what you consider the most romantic, Asian-inspired Valentine's gift. 

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