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Asian Tea Health Benefits: What Makes Green, Jasmine and Tieguanyin Tea so Special?

What Makes Green, Jasmine and Tie Yan Guan so Special?

10992-premium-green-tea-lg.jpgIf your morning routine has been that hefty cup of coffee for too long, consider an Asian tea alternative to improve your day-to-day health.  A few Asian teas getting a lot of attention in the US these days include green, jasmine, and Tie guan yin(Oolong) tea varieties.

China and India have both known and praised the benefits of green tea for thousands of years.  Both cultures have used the tea to treat all form of illnesses from minor headaches and influenza to chronic depression and cancer. Green tea is a proven cholesterol reducer, having been shown in tests to reduce your triglyceride levels.  Switching to green tea is also advantageous for those interested in increasing their daily antioxidant consumption.  

What makes it so special?  It turns out that green tea has many redeeming nutritional qualities. One cup of Green tea contains high levels of Vitamin's C and E, boosting your immune system and general well being.  More recently, scientific research has begun to prove even broader benefits associated with regularly green tea consumption.  Studies like the 1994 Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicate green tea reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, some times as much as 50 or 60 percent. The Chinese used the tea's ability to kill bacteria as way to store food, and these same properties have been identified as helping to prevent tooth decay.


Jasmine tea is another healthy morning replacement to coffee.  Jasmine tea eliminates free radicals, a quality that has been shown helpful in preventing cancer and aging.  The benefits of Jasmine tea are also believed to include supporting a healthier circulatory system.  Drinking Jasmine tea regularly has been associated with lower instances of brain strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis, and arterial sclerosis in individuals.

Finally, the Tie Guan Yin, or Oolong, variety of Chinese tea is yet another healthy hot beverage choice for those curious to discover Asian teas. Tie Guan Yin's high concentration of the Polyphenol antioxidant has also been linked to lower instances of cancer and illness in those who regularly consume it.  Tie Guan Yin's significant Polyphenol levels also produce the unique flavor and soft texture characterizing this Chinese tea.  Stock up on green, jasmine, and Tie Guan Yin teas, at Asian Food Grocer.


Kit Smith said:

Kit good reasons to drink green tea and jasmine tea. i noiticed that it has helped me. Start drinking!

wally said:

Chinese tea is good for you in so many ways. I recommend the autumn Rizhao Green from Shandong Province. It's the best.

michiko taylor said:

in Japan, children to elderly all drink
green tea, from in the morning to night
all day long. and with every meal.
not only healthy but clear and refreshing taste.

Howard Sterns said:

Chinese oolong tea is not only good for one's health but there are now clinical studies that prove that it also has direct benefits to the teeth because it clears out the acid that forms on the tooth enamel. This was validated by my colorado springs dentists in my recent visit there. Just sharing. Cheers!

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