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Back to Black Black: A Nostalgic Buzz

Back to Black Black

Thumbnail image for blackblack_1pack400.jpgIf you're like the rest of us, it's been a while since your investments were in the black.  Those red earnings figures plaguing your monthly accounts may even be worsening those somnolent afternoons.  Packed full of caffeine and other stimulating Chinese extracts, Lotte Black Black gum could be just the solution to such a problem.  Not only is Lotte's Black Black the strongest caffeinated chewing gum not counting the US military, its pleasant black color will bring back memories of a stabler and more profitable economic climate.
Be forewarned, Black Black gum will likely be the most unusual flavored chewing gum you've ever experienced. First timers to Black Black will notice an intensely strong minty flavor.  If this burst of taste and the accompanying caffeine aren't enough to wake those sleepy eyes, Black Black also contains an added punch of the Chinese extracts Oolong, Ginkgo, and Chrysanthemum flower, all of which are known to stimulate. Gum chewing thrill seekers, disillusioned day-traders, and sleep walking toilers alike; remember the lovely black color of Lotte's Black Black and recharge amid memories of a more bullish time. See our wide selection of Lotte's chewing gum at Asian Food Grocer.


Dino said:

This gum is awesome! I highly recommend it for it's flavor :-)

It's my favorite!

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