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FanimeCon 2009 - Embrace the Public

Fanime 2009FanimeCon graciously accepted our request to join their venue this year. To say that we were appreciated is an understatement. To say that we were mobbed my sugar crazed cosplayer's would be more accurate!

When we walked into the dealer's room on day one we were immediately intimidated by all the booths, with their awesome setups and cages, you could tell that these were seasoned venders. After we had set up our booth and stepped back to look at it, we saw that our image matched what we were about. There were boxes of Pocky stacked 10 high and nothing flashy except our attitudes. We were a warehouse come to the public, and our prices matched the look.

Cosplayer's and various anime fans walked around for about 15 minutes trying to be frugal with their well earned dollars. Then like a slow starting avalanche people trickled in to purchase our $1 Pocky. Then they snowballed in, and then they couldn't get enough! I think personally I was able to sit down for 10 minutes throughout the whole weekend! Lunch time and bathroom breaks were non-existent!

It wasn't enough for us just to sit back and wait for people to come to us. We went to this convention with a mission: Let the world see, and they shall buy Pocky. We sent out our staff to talk to people in lines, in the game room, and throughout the different halls; handing flyers to everyone interested in something other than $6 hot dogs. Also, Chey, our production artist and Micah our Anime informant, engaged the crowd on a level that made other dealers jaws drop. For myself, I put on my skin tight unitard and cosplayed as the Riddler from Batman Forever. Somehow we were able to keep spirits high and the hordes of Pocky-Holics energized! Fanime Fight

I was very happy to hear and talk to many current shoppers and Twitter followers. To put a face to you was awesome, and I can't express enough my thanks for following us. Also I want to thank FanimeCon for being our first convention ever and making it possible to come back next year and offer more snacks and treats. And of course after four days of hard selling, I want to thank all of the attendees who came to shop with us. Without you, this would not have been possible.

We have received some outside kudos for our booth HERE at And we have a gallery of pictures HERE from the event. We can't wait till next year to dress up and come back. Check out our Twitter or Email Newsletter, and keep posted for our next appearance.

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