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Fanime 2010It that time again! Your favorite website,, is going to FanimeCon 2010! As always, Fanime will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose California. If you are in town and you're going to be at the event, don't forget to visit us in the Dealers Hall. We will without a doubt have the cheapest prices for Japanese snacks, candies, and sodas. Last year we could barely keep up! We literally had a line running down the aisle full of people who wanted to buy CASES of Ramune Sodas and Pocky Sticks. This year we hope to do the same!

For those of you who don't know, Fanime is one of the ten largest Japanese Animation conventions held in Northern California. Annually held in the fine city of San Jose California, Fanime draws in patrons from all over the country. The exhibits include an Artist Alley where Anime and Manga (Japanese style comics and graphic novels) artist show case and sell their art, a Gaming Hall where you can play the latest arcade and console games or even enter into a gaming tournament, Karaoke, dances, live musical performances by popular artist, celebrity guests, like anime voice actors and directors, an all night anime movie theater, and a masquerade where in participants show off their Cosplay outfits. We can't wait to see what Cosplayers will visit us this year!

Fanime 2010Cosplay comes from the English words Costume and Play. It's a type of performing art where in the participants get all dressed up like their favorite Anime characters. It's not a simple as going to a store and buying a costume like you would for Halloween. Cospalyers are known to spend hours upon hours constructing their outfits. Every tiny detail is meticulously handmade to real world accuracy. It is not uncommon for Cosplayers to be educated in fashion design, sculpture, fiberglass work, and cosmetology. Their costumes are an amazing site to see in person, it's like your favorite anime characters have come to life!

This year's event should prove to be very amazing. With our low low prices and charismatic staff, AFG will defiantly be a hit!

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