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Propolis - Super HoneyMany people think that bees are good for nothing more than delicious honey and painful bee stings. And the occasional pollinated flower here and there. But they actually give us one more thing that is truly amazing. It's called propolis, and bees form it by combining elements of trees and flowers with their honey. They use it for many reasons including defense against disease and bacteria, structural support, and fortification of the hive, but I think you'll find even more reasons to use the stuff.

Studies have suggested that propolis is a powerful preventative against bacteria, disease, and even viruses. It's proven itself well as a good antidote with small wounds as it thwarts off pathogens. It's shown to treat small burns well, and to even take away sore throats. It's antimicrobial tendencies have led to studies done in dental hygiene, and it seems to work well in keeping gum infections at bay. It has  been shown to raise the immune system's ability fight off infection, and studies in Japan have demonstrated that it can even help prevent tumors.

The benefits of propolis have been catching on, and the ingredient has been successfully used in several beauty products. It seems that propolis doesn't just keep your body clean, and your immune system healthy, but it also seems to add shine to your hair, and a soothing texture to your skin. It is now used in shampoos, conditioners, and soaps all over the world. It is successful as a beauty product because of how well it treats the skin and the body. It nourishes the pours in the face and it softens blood vessels, which allows for better circulation. In addition to that, it accelerates healing while promoting faster reproduction of tissue, plus it prevents infections and fungus from causing problems with your skin or pores. So you know that you not only look good when you use propolis, but you can also rest assured that you'll be squeaky clean and extra healthy.

Propolis Shampoo and Beauty ProductsSo what is propolis really? Well, it's composed of beeswax and substances from flowers and trees, and it varies by substance and by season. That means that whatever the bees use will affect the propolis differently. It's color varies depending on what was used to make, but it's generally a light brown. It's a sticky substance at room temperature and becomes less malleable, and more rigid as it gets colder.

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