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Cooking with Seaweed


Many people don't know it, but Seaweed is actually extremely healthy for you. It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It's been shown to be good for the digestion, as well as the circulatory system. Seaweed is filled with more nutrients than many of the plants and vegetables that grow on land.

The reason for this is that there are a lot of healthy nutrients floating around in the ocean water. These nutrients get absorbed by the seaweed, and so the plants become like little sponges that suck up all these healthy vitamins and minerals.

Seaweed is commonly used with sushi to make various types of rolls, such as maki, nori, or California rolls. But it also has other applications too. It's often used in Furikake, a type of Japanese seasoning typically used on plain white rice. It's also used in many types of Soups to add texture and flavor. Or you can even eat seaweed by itself in place of unhealthy potato chips. Seaweed is also used to make Agar-Agar, which can be used to make a healthy gelatin used for deserts.

One of our most popular seaweed products is the pack of Fujikko Konbu Maki Dried Kelp Rolls. They are strips of seaweed, rolled over on each other, and tied by a guard strip. They're common on holidays and special occasions.

There are various types and styles of seaweed as well, and they're used for various purposes. Here are a few.

HuizongNori - Nori is one of the most common types of seaweed. It's the kind that is used in sushi, roasted and eaten like potato chips, and also used as a garnish to decorate food.
Kombu - Kombu, or konbu, is used in soup. It adds a complex, savory, salty flavor. It is used as dashi to flavor to soup and broth, but is often removed before the soup is served.
Wakame - Wakame is sweeter and a bit more slippery than kombu. This is the kind of seaweed used in miso soup. It is also used in salads and is served with tofu.
Seaweed Paste - Seaweed paste is usually added to plain white rice or simple dishes to add flavor. Depending on what is added to enhance the flavor, it's typically very healthy.

Check out these recipes below for some ideas on how to cook with seaweed.

California Rolls
California Rolls
Try this recipe for a simple but delicious sushi dish. Easy to make, and very healthy, you're going to love these Sushi Rolls
 Caterpillar Roll
Caterpillar Roll
Test your sushi skills with a more complex recipe, that will entertain your guests and satisfy your hunger. Try our Caterpillar Roll

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