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Cooking with Shiitake Mushrooms


Shiitake Mushrooms are famous for their full flavor and their positive impact on health. They've been used in Asian cuisine and medicine for about the last 6000 years, in soups, teas, and various herbal remedies.

Many people think that mushrooms are vegetables, but in reality they're a unique type of fungus. Because of this they're extremely easy to grow, and don't require a lot of resources like water and nutrients to develop. This makes it a sustainable food for earth conscience eaters.

There are a lot of reasons to eat shiitake mushrooms. First of all they've got a great taste, which can compliment most foods- from pastas, to soup, to most meat dishes.

But they're also incredibly healthy. Shiitakes have high levels of complex B vitamins, which help with cardiovascular health. These Huizong mushrooms are also known to reduce cholesterol and help the body fight certain types of cancer. They're also about as high in iron as typical meat, which makes them a great staple for a vegetarian diet, or for anemics.

Take a look at the recipes below to try out your skills with shiitake mushrooms.

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