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Deep Frying Like a Champ


Americans have a long and devoted history with deep frying. We deep fry our chicken and our fish. We deep fry our hot dogs and our donuts, and even our ice cream! But all this deep frying hasn't been too kind to our bodies. If only there was a way to enjoy our favorite deep fried food, but not be so unhealthy... Oh wait, there is!

The Japanese love deep frying too, but they call theirs tempura. And instead of using flour, they use bread crumbs.


Panko Bread Crumbs are one of the most popular types to use. Panko bread crumbs absorb less oil than flour, and this results in a lighter, healthier meal that has just as much of that satisfying crunch. You can also try it on a casserole, crab cakes, or any type of meat.

Potato starch is another good substitute for flour because it's gluten free. There is Seasoned Potato Starch for a fuller flavor, but if you're really looking for a slimmer, healthier alternative, you should stick with the unseasoned. Potato starch is also a great thickening agent. You can use it to add a little texture to soup, or pudding, or you can mix it with spices to even out the flavor and prevent over-spicing. Use it for pancakes or cupcakes as well for a leaner, healthier effect.

Sweet Rice Flour is another healthy option preferred over normal flour because rice flour generally doesn't contain gluten. This makes it a better option for people who have diabetes, or who are trying to lose weight. You can also use this to make delicious mochi, or as a thickening agent for pudding, or various soups.


Now, you may notice that we've been hating on flour a little bit in this blog. But the problem with flour is that it has gluten in it, and the body turns that into glucose. Glucose is a type of sugar, and an essential energy source for the function of the human body. But too much glucose can lead to serious problems like diabetes and other related issues like blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, blood clots, and even strokes. So it's fine to eat all those tasty things you enjoy, but look for ways to substitute out the harmful elements for something that's a little better for you.

We encourage you to experiment with our bread crumbs, potato starch, and rice flour to find the perfect recipes for your soup, pudding, and everything you love to bake or fry.


John Wilwerding said:

I'm a long time customer, a dairy farmer in MN, of Nishiki Short Grain Rice. I was recently diagnosed with Cieliac disease, (gluten intolerance). I find it difficult to experiment with new sources of carbs gluten free but hope to do so this next winte. Please offer any reciepies for making bread and breadings for fried foods from your selection of gluten free products. I don't seem to see much offered in ready made instant products that are gluten free. Thanks!

Hey John, I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. There are a lot of ways to live a gluten free diet, however you won't really find much in the way of gluten free instant products. A lot of instant products lose their flavor through the preserving process, and have flavor enhancers that involve gluten in them. We listed some products above that you can use for fried food such as potato starch and most sweet rice flours. You can typically make recipes such as Breaded Tofu Cutlets, which you can find in our recipe section. You may also want to look into experimenting with some types of tempura, being sure to swap out any of the breading for potato starch, or some of the gluten free Panko Products. I hope this helps :)

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