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Boston America: When Video Games Met Candy


Street Fighter Energy Drink is the best place to get your imported candy. We all know that- but if you've been under a rock for the last few months you might not have seen our line of Boston America Products.

Boston America is a wholesale only company, and they provide some of the most unique and interesting licensed and novelty items out there. They specialize in confectionary items relating to animes, video games, or pop culture.

Check out the list of items they carry below, and you'll see what you've been missing out on.

Energy Drinks
Every once in a while we all need a boost of energy to help us through our work day, our homework, or just to stay awake. Some people don't care what they drink, they'll take any old thing. But we know our AFG fans have a reputation to keep up, so we're offering some of the coolest energy drinks around. We have the Street Fighter Dragon Punch Energy Drink, for the fighter. We have the Zombie Survival Can for the apocalypse survivalist. We have the Mario Bros for the classic gamer, and many more!

Tinned Candy
Sometimes people want their tinned candy to mean something. They want to be reminded of something with nostalgic value. Or a favorite video game or anime. Boston America has many of your favorite video game icons, from past and present. We have your Pacman, your Sonic, your Nintendo, Atari, and we even threw in some Hello Kitty tinned candy for the people who could never get on the video game train.
Mario Mushroom Sours
Get your gum here! We have Tinned gum that looks just like a Wii Controller, and we have gum that comes in a Hello Kitty Mini Portable Bag. Don't get your gum without a collectible tin to keep it fresh!


We even have adhesive bandages inspired by your favorite characters. We have Mario Bros. 'Know Your Enemy' bandages, for the gamer that gets hurt a lot. We have Hello Kitty bandages for those who like to doctor their wounds while looking adorable, and we have Happy Bunny bandages. He'll cover your scrapes and scratches with pure sarcasm.

So check out our Boston America Products. They'll offer a touch of nostalgia for the hardcore gamer, and the chance to learn your history if you're new to gaming. They have the cute, the intense, and the hard to find. Take a look and we know you'll find something to love.


Anonymous said:

How about some other Video Game stuff like Metroid, Star Fox, Castlevania, The Legend of Zelda, etc.?

The Super Mario Bros. and others have their own stuff, so I think it's best to have others around too.

Anonymous said:

Uhh... I hae no idea what Metroid, Star Fox, or Castlevania is. You must not have a life to play so many video games, anyway. :) JUST KIDDING!!!AHAHAAHA

Sarah said:

You must be 10 years old to not know what Star Fox is. :) JUST KIDDING! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(obnoxious laughter)

Anonymous said:

Pffffft! come ON! Mother is obviously the best!

Anonymous said:

Sonic the Hedgehog of course!

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