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Europe's Best Coffee Just Got Better

Jacobs Kronung

If you're like most people out there, you enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. The way its delicate aroma wafts about you. The way it warms you from your fingertips to your belly.

And just like most people out there, you probably don't want any plain old coffee. You want good Coffee. No. You want the best coffee. Or at least the best that your wallet can accommodate for.

Well, we have good news for all you coffee loving penny pinchers out there. AFG has long sold Jacobs Kronung, which is regarded as not only Europe's best coffee, but one of the world's best coffees. It is one of our most popular products, and in an attempt to show some love to our customers, we are reducing our prices on our Coffee Bundle Kits. That's right, you read correctly. No need to get your eyes checked!

We are making it easier than ever for you coffee aficionados to stock up on the various kinds of Jacobs coffee that we offer. But the bundle kits are also the perfect opportunity for people new to Kronung to get a sampler and figure out what flavors they love, as well as what caffeine levels are most appropriate for them.

And maybe you're are asking yourself 'why is Jacobs the best?' Well, we'll tell you. The coffee beans for Jacobs Kronung are taken from various places all over the world, and are then manufactured in Germany. The roasting and the careful selection process of picking out the quality of coffee beans is what has made this coffee stand out in both quality and popularity.

Jacobs Kronung first began coming over to the United States when Military personnel stationed in Germany and across Europe began trying the coffee and bringing it back home. The Americans loved the coffee so much that they began demandingJacobs Kronung stores sell it here in America. So that's just what we did! You're welcome.

Here are the three types of bundle kits we are offering.

The Instant

This includes two styles of caffeinated coffee, Gold Cronat, and Gold Kronung. Jacobs Cronat is a smooth, low acidity brew with hues of a sweet, almost nutty effect.

Jacobs Kronung is a bit stronger, with a more rich and robust flavor. It's still just as easy to make however, and provides the same great quality as any product offered here.

The traditional

Jacobs Kronung This indludes 4 styles of Jacobs coffee. Mild, Balance, Decaf, and Traditional.
Mild- This is a low acidity, medium roast designed for people with sensitive stomachs who still like a rich aroma, smooth texture, and a great tasting cup of coffee.

Balance- This is a half-caf blend that offers the bold flavors and fragrances that made the coffee famous, but with less caffeine. Jacobs Blend is for people who are caffeine sensitive, or want the delicious flavors, but simply aren't in the mood for energy.

Decaf- This is perfect for people who enjoy a coffee after their dinner, or who are caffeine sensitive. It is a popular option because it offers delicious flavors, a hearty aroma, and a full bodied texture, but just without the energy.

Traditional - May we introduce the grand champion of European coffees. Jacobs Kronung Original. This coffee offers the superbly textured, the earthy aromas, and the rich, full roasted flavor that has got the world eager for its next cup of Jacobs Kronung Coffee.


This gives you everything. The instant for when you're on the go, and the traditional coffees for those who like to invest a little time in their coffees.

Personally, we recommend having a couple styles of coffee around the house, because you never know what mood your guests will be in when you offer them a cup of coffee. And you never know when you'll feel like mixing it up with something new. So don't limit yourself by having only one style!





i like having both, taste is almost the same and smell is so good.


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