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Introducing the 'We've Gone Crazy' Sale

HuizongWe at AFG have finally lost our minds. Seriously. We've lost it. Here's what we're talking about- 4 huge sales, and one Mooncake Contest! All the the SAME TIME!

See? Crazy. We don't want to keep you waiting, so we'll tell you the best one first.

Sale #1: Deal of the Weekend

So beginning this Friday (the 19th) we are going to begin our Deal of the Weekend. What this means is that each week we are going to be taking one of our more popular items, and reducing the price for that one item from Friday to Sunday.

We'll announce the deal on Friday, and you will have until Sunday night to finalize your purchases. And don't miss out, because once the deal is done, it'll be done.

Sadly, you don't get to pick your deal. We decide that. It'll be a new item each week, and some weeks we might even have a bundle option. So keep your eyes glued to the site and don't miss out on the deal of the weekend. And because each Deal of the Weekend is going to be a BIG DEAL, we are having a 10 item limit per customer. So each person can only buy 10 deals. Sorry, we just want you to all get a piece of the savings.

Now, just because we like you so much, we're going to give you a heads up on what the Deal of the Weekend is. It's Orchids Shirataki Noodles 7 ounce bags. Normally they go for $2.18, but for the Deal of the Weekend they are going for $1.05. That's right folks. Fantastic Shirataki noodles for just $1.05.

And why are we having such an amazing Deal of the Weekend, you might ask? Well, don't ask! Just accept that we like you.

The Contest: Mooncake Fever

We want to hear your best Mooncake experiences. Tell us the story of your first Mooncake, or of your favorite flavor, or of something funny that happened involving Mooncakes. Whatever you have to say. To tell your story go to any of our Mooncake products and click on the Leave a Review button. And tell your favorite Mooncake experience under the review section.

We're going to take everyone;s email, and pull one out of a hat. The winner will take home our Mooncake mascot, Kelly, as well as a $15 gift card to our store. So tell us your best stories, and good luck!

Sale #2: Over $50

Any order over fifty dollars will get a free gift. And here's what's available. Origami Paper. Caramel Pocky. Stickers. Apica binders. And the deal only lasts as long as our supplies do.
And that's it- no extra fees or surprises. Simply spend 50 dollars or more for an order, and you get free stuff!!

Sale #3: Mooncake Fever 2

Every time you order one of our mooncakes, you will be getting a free thermos as well. And this isn't some cheap leftover thermos either. This is the good stuff. Keep your soup warm, your coffee hot, and your ice cold beverages icy cold.

The #4 sale. Over $100

Any order over $100, and under 70 pounds gets free shipping. Order anything you like, Pocky,, Tofu, Mooncakes, whatever you want. As long as it's over $100 and under 70 pounds, it ships free anywhere in the continental United States.

Now, the best thing about these deals is that they are not exclusive. You don't have to pick just one. You can get all of them! You can get your free gift, free shipping, a free thermos, and the super amazing Shirataki Deal of the Weekend- all on one order!

We hope you're still with us, because we're freaking out over here. I'm going to have to lie down for a while, but I hope you're as excited as we are about all this.


adele hetzel said:

Mooncakes are a special birthday treat for me, as my birthday is in Sept.. I love almost all the flavors.. except the egg yolks. A few years ago I bought mini moon cakes with a green tea flavored center. I have never seen them again. Wish I could find them or even the recipe because I finally found a mini mooncake press made from plastic.

Destin said:

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Anonymous said:

Bummer, I didn't get the free stuff or the thermos with my order over $50 which included a mooncake. Sent you an email, thanks!

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