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Test your Skill and Knowledge with our AFG Quiz!


We at AsianFoodGrocer are always looking for ways to make our customers better, happier people. And one way we can do that is keep you well informed. We made this quiz so all you wonderful people out there can test your knowledge of your favorite foods. The quiz covers pretty much every area, and we want to see just how educated our customers are. So don't be shy, step up and give it a shot. And no cheating, close that Wikipedia page!

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Did you pass? How was it? Too hard? Well, you should've studied then. Don't worry, we'll give you all more opportunities to impress your friends. And to those who passed with flying colors- good work. Go reward yourself with some Pocky and hit the showers.


Sphinx 3267 said:

YES it was tooo hard... i got a 60% I guess i need to spend more time on

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