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The other side of Japanese treats: 5 reasons to give crunchy a chance

When most people think of Japanese confectionaries they usually think of Pocky, Hi-Chew, and maybe Hello Panda. But what they don't realize is that there's a mysterious side to Japanese snacks, a crunchy side. In this blog we're going to go over some of the more savory treats that go unnoticed in Pocky's shadow. So strap yourself in and get ready for your mind to be expanded.

Spicy Wasabi peas

# 5. Health

Many people are looking for a way to enjoy their favorite snacks, but also a way to stay healthy while doing it. For that we introduce to you two of our most popular products: Wasabi Peas and Honey Rice Crackers. Wasabi peas are simply green peas that have a crunchy exterior of wasabi. Some will have artificial ingredients added, but if you get the ones with fewer additives then you're in for a delicious, healthy snack with vitamins, iron, and low levels of fat and cholesterol. Honey Rice Crackers are a healthy option when the snack cravings hit because they're low in fat, calories, cholesterol, and sugar. Plus they have seaweed as a main ingredient, which is known for having more vitamins and nutrients in it than most land vegetables. So give either of these healthy snacks a try the next time you've just gotta have some Japanese snacks.

#4. Crunchy can be sweet too!

Sweet Korinto For those craving the crunchy AND the sweet, we introduce Karintos. Karintos are small snack crackers, with deep fried bits of doe and caramelized sugar in it. They are the perfect mixture of crunchy and sweet, and have a rich, complex flavor. They're extremely popular in Japan, but are still pretty hard to find here in the States. There are various styles, but two of our favorite flavors are the White Sugar Karinto, which tastes sort of like a churro (basically the same concept), and Gokujyo Peanut Karinto, which tastes sort of like sweet peanut brittle.

#3. Avoiding food boredom:

Food boredom is a real thing, and pretty much everyone is susceptible to it. We eat candy and snacks for fun, because they taste good, but like all things fun, our body can grow bored of it, and yearn for something new. It's no different than video games, movies, or eating mom's tuna casserole every night.
So we invite you to take a break from the Pocky and the Hi-Chews, and give something crunchy a chance. Pick something you're not used to, something unique, something that will make your mouth go "Whoa, that's new." We recommend the Meiji Cheese Curls, or the Tohato Caramel Corn Roast Almond Cracker.

The idea behind this is that you your surprise your taste buds, so that when you do return to your beloved Pocky, Hello Panda, and Hi-Chew, you can return to them with renewed vigor, and a healthy lust for their candy deliciosity.

Wasabi Shrimp Crackers

#2. Pursuit of the Weird:

Who doesn't like to impress their friends with something they've never seen before? Something abstract. Something scary. Something weird. For that we offer you Dehydrated Squid, Shrimp Crackers , and Black Pepper Konjac Fiber Slices. These are some of the more unique items you'll find on our website. You should try them, if not just for the weird factor, then because you just might like them.

#1. Because it tastes good!

The number 1 reason to try crunchy snacks- because they're great! When it comes to crunchy snacks, the Japanese have some really delicious options. From the scrumptious caramel crackers, to the spicy wasabi peas, to the sweet Korinto, to the savory rice crackers, you're going to find the whole gambit of flavors when it comes to our crunchy snacks.


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