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Welcome to Talk Time


Hello all, this is Julian. You might remember me from such films as Asian Food Grocer - Talk Time. We started doing Talk Time in order to provide detailed and personal product reviews to our customers.

But we decided to make it much more than just reviews- we're also answering questions, addressing concerns, and letting you guys get to know us- so you don't think we're just another online company out to make a quick buck. The object here is to make this an open and reliable method of communication between you and us.

So please contact us via email (, facebook, twitter, or respond to our Talk Time Videos. Tell us what products you want us to review, ask us any questions you have, let us know if we're doing a good job- or you can always respond with a Talk Time food review of your own.

Anyway, thanks for checking us out, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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