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The Taste of Nirvana

Taste Nirvana has Healthy and Delicious Products

We at Asian Food Grocer are always looking for the newest, most spectacularific products to provide to our customers. And yes, we do have a good excuse to be using made up words- we're excited! And why are we excited...


We recently got in a shipment of new beverages from a company called Taste Nirvana, out of Thailand. Most of their products are based on coconut water, but they also have Lattes that are based on Green Tea, Thai Coffee, and Thai Tea. But maybe you're still not impressed. Maybe you don't really understand the implications of coconut water, and all the great benefits it has to offer- well, read on.

Coconut water comes from a coconut. (Duh) It's the juice inside, and it has a very sweet, very creamy flavor to it. It's also rich in many essential vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It has a lot of complex B-vitamins as well as electrolytes. This makes the drink great for boosting your energy, while achieving better blood and skin health. It is especially good for hydration, and is recommended to be used instead of an energy drink because you get the vitamins, the electrolytes, the energy, and the hydration, but without any artificial flavoring.

Taste Nirvana makes a point to not only offer a cholesterol free, preservative free, gluten free product, but they are also environmentally conscious. All of their containers are recyclable, they use an efficient factory that operates on steam, and they hold several certificates and awards for the steps they've taken to be environmentally responsible.

Taste Nirvana has Healthy and Delicious Products

Now, most of the coconut waters you'll find are from plants harvested in South America, and they generally have a bit of a tart effect. The Thai coconuts, however, have much more of a sweet and fruity flavor. This makes them better for sweet, flavorful drinks.

We hope this will make you all give coconut water a chance, because it really is the whole package: great taste, super healthy, not too expensive, and good for the environment. But we also need to talk about the other stuff that Taste Nirvana sells, like their Lattes.

The drinks they have all offer a creamy, smooth texture, and they're flavored with natural cane sugar, which is healthier than high fructose corn syrup, and is better for you than artificial sweeteners.

Their three Lattes are Thai Tea, Green Tea, and Coffee. Everyone had their own favorite flavors too. Gustavo preferred the Green Tea, Ruthie liked the Thai Coffee, and Julian took to the Thai Tea. All of the drinks were rich and smooth, with sweet effects and a creamy, silky texture.

Taste Nirvana has Healthy and Delicious Products

We recommend you try all our drinks and experiment to find your favorites. And we encourage you to think of the coconut water drinks as a healthy alternative to your energy drinks, your sodas, and all your high fructose corn syrup drinks.

And please don't forget to take our poll below. We all have our own favorites, but we really want to know what you guys think!






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