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The Holiday Sales begin NOW

Filipino dessert

This year we're going to start the Holiday season off with a bang, and we're going to cut straight to the chase. YOU like stuff. WE like selling you stuff. YOU like candy. WE like selling you candy. So let's not waste any more time. This October 14th starts off our first sale of the season, and let me tell you, you NEED to cash in on the deal we're offering with our Japanese candy. Every item in our Japanese Candy category is 10% off, with a $30 or more order. Any candy you want, any flavor, any size, any type- as long as it's in the Japanese Candy Category you can have it for 10% off. To get the coupon code just sign up for our Email Blast (the link is on the top of our home page under EMAIL OFFERS) or join us on facebook. Doesn't cost you anything!

Now, this includes the Boston America Sonic the Hedgehog Tin. the Ms. Pacman Tin, even the Nintendo Controller Tin! You can get your Ramune Candy, your Kasugai Litchi and Filipino dessertBrown Sugar Candies, and yes- even your Fizzling Cola Candies. Be warned though, they're awesome.

So this Halloween reward the people you care about. Get your friends, your family, and your adoring neighbors the candy they want and deserve. And at the right price too! But remember, this sale is limited, and so are our supplies. This is an extended Deal, and if you've been following our Deal of the Weekend Sales, you know they only last for the weekend, but this one is stretching from Friday, October 14th to Tuesday, October 18th. Just because we like you that much   = )

And in the following weeks we'll be having similar category sales. You can expect sales on Cooking Utensils, Japanese Seasonings, Japanese Toys, and of course- Jacobs Coffee. Now, each sale is limited to its own week- there are unfortunately no ongoing sales. This week happens to be for Japanese Candy, and the following week- well you'll just have to wait and see.

Filipino dessert We'll also be going over some recipe ideas to help make this Thanksgiving unique and delicious, but with a healthy twist. Each week we're going to devote time to one part of the meal. First we'll go over the Main Course, because that is the star of the show. Then we'll touch on appetizers, side dishes, and lastly we'll have a week devoted to desserts, beverages, and instant meals. Just for those stragglers.

So if you don't want to miss out on these fantastic holiday deals, and some excellent Thanksgiving recipes, stay tuned! Keep an eye on our site!



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