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When Good Mugs Go Bad

Color Changing Mugs

Asian Food Grocer has long prided itself in bringing you the latest and greatest in candy, cuisine, and dinner ware. In keeping with that tradition, we want to introduce you to our brand new Invisible Ink Mugs!

These mugs are heat sensitive and the images on them will change depending on the heat of the liquid inside. So when you're in the mood for a hot cup of sweet tea or a steaming cup of coffee, put it in these mugs and be prepared for a show.

The mugs are a bit, shall we say, for grown ups. So maybe keep them for use around the office, or at the very least, out of your 8 year old's hands.

Color Changing Mugs

We have both masculine and feminine mugs, so if you're looking for a set of manly 6 pack abs to go with your morning coffee, you'll likely enjoy the Pretty Boy Mug. Here a set of black pants and jacket peels away to reveal a racy thong. And if that's not your thing you can pick from our large selection of lovely ladies.

Each mug comes with a matching lid, and the character's hair, which comes in either black or red, extends onto the lid to create a matching set. Each mug has the same disappearing paint that allows the character on the exterior to go from interesting, to scandalous. But each mug also offers a unique style and appeal as well. So whether you're feeling extra saucy, or just a little sillyColor Changing Mugs, you're bound to find something to pique your interest.

But now comes the really important part. You've got your fancy mugs, with their fancy lids- but what do you put inside?! Only the best drinks should do- after all, why get an awesome mug if you're not going to fill it with an awesome beverage?

Color Changing Mugs

The avid tea drinkers can peruse through our massive selection of Tea, but may we suggest: the Long Jing Tea- said to be one of China's most popular beverages, or the smooth and aeromatic Jasmine Tea, or the ever classic Green Tea. And if the great health benefits or the fantastic tastes of tea aren't your thing then check out our coffee selection.

The coffee drinkers should look no further than our exquisite line of Jacobs German Coffee, known by many as Europe's best coffee. They have Instant Coffee, as well as a Caffeine Free Option, the ever popular Original Flavor, and there's even a Mild Option for the caffeine sensitive.

Color Changing Mugs

And if you're feeling like you really want to be out of the ordinary you can be extra bold and try some Hot Sake in your mug.

We hope you enjoy these color changing mugs as much as we do. They make excellent gifts, and are always a welcome addition to any party or social scene. And if you're really trying to make a memorable party why not give these mugs out at your next gathering?





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