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Creative, Recordable Gift Giving

Recordable Red Monkey Plushie So you want to give a gift, but are looking to add a personal touch. We've got just the thing for you. Some of the cooler items we've been bringing in among our new products are our line of voice recordable plushies. Yes, you've heard right. These 7-inch plushie dolls all come equipped with with recorder modules, giving them the ability to record up to 12 seconds of sound.

To record a message, simply press and hold the plush's right hand until you see a red light glow on its forehead, then speak into the doll. Press the right hand again to complete your recording. To play the message back, simply squeeze the left hand. You are able to re-record your message at any time.

Now it's fairly simple to record your voice message in the doll, but we have come up with many inventive ways to utilize this cool feature.. For example, you may record a heartfelt romantic message for your significant other for a birthday or anniversary. This approach will go particularly well with our Heart-Bearing Teddy Bears. By giving a cute soft plushie, along with a sentimental message, you'll score double the brownie points. Recordable Plushie Bear with Pink Heart

Another nifty way to use the recording feature of our plush dolls is to leave instructive messages for your children. Say for example "Lunch is in the oven! Love, Mom" or "Pick you up at soccer practice at 5PM!" Much fluffier than a cell phone message, wouldn't you say? In this way, everyday memos can become little gestures of love and care.

Green Monkey Recordable Doll
The number of cool uses are only limited by your imagination. Other neat application we've thought of include asking someone to prom with a plush message, using a plushie as a clue device in a scavenger hunt, or try convincing someone the plush is haunted by recording a creepy message. You didn't learn that last one from us.

The line of recordable plushies encompases many type of animals. We have recordable raccoons, monkeys, and teddy bears, and even Recordable Doraemon Plushies. Yep, we have the beloved blue robot feline in recordable plush form! You are sure to find a plush doll to your liking.

Recordable Bear Gift CardIf for some unfathomable reason plushies aren't your style, you can always add a voice message to any gift item with one of our Voice Recordable Cards. Just like our recordable plushie, these cards can record 12 seconds of sound for a replayable message. An added bonus of the card is that you can write down anything you couldn't squeeze into the allotted 12 seconds. How are you planning to use our voice recordable items? Whatever you decide, we want to wish you happy gift-giving!

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