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Introducing Gourmet Miso Salad Dressings from Nago

Recently I've blogged about the elusive fifth taste, umami. If you've ever had salad at a Japanese restaurant, you may gotten a taste of the addictive salad dressing.The secret ingredient (well not so secret, as it is actually a point of emphasis) is miso paste. No longer relegated to soups, miso is a flavor that enhances any food that it touches. And Nago Foods have applies this concept to salad dressings, harnessing the rich umami flavor of miso to produce a unique taste experience.

The essence of this line of gourmet salad dressing is miso paste. This revered Japanese ingredient is culinary gold in paste form. Miso has really come on lately as a "superfood," and one can see why given its health benefits that are renowned in Japan. First, it is incredibly nutritious, being rich in vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and other nutrients that are good for you. As a product of its fermentation, miso has a high volume of "good" bacteria that bolsters the health of your digestive tract. The most tangible benefit of miso is that it taste delicious, which makes you happy. Happiness is what leads to long lifespans, after all (or so I've read.)

In addition to miso's health benefits, the entire line is gluten free. Whether you're trying to cut out avoiding wheat for health or dietary reasons, rest assure that Nago's dressings with play well with just about any form of diet. Four of the six available dressings eschew eggs, so they're fully vegan as well. This is the dressing to grab if you're looking to eat healthy but unwilling to lose out on flavor. With the inclusion of miso as the main flavor component, you'll get a big taste without a guilty conscience. And I haven't even mentioned how it's low-fat and low-calories.

All that healthy talk does not mean a thing if this dressing didn't taste good, but believe me it does. The miso paste imparts a creaminess that goes great on salads, but is not overly fatty. The use of natural and organic ingredients aid in keeping the flavors of these dressings clear and focused.

Founded in 2009, Nago has steadily rolled out their miso salad dressings to the delight of healthy-conscious customers in the Bay Area. Nago can be found in various farmer's markets around the Bay, bringing it your dinner table straight from their kitchen in San Francisco. Each dressing is handcrafted and bottled individually-no 100-gallon drums or conveyor belts here.

The dressing slowly expanding into local markets in the Bay Area and all over California. Now you can get this tasty dressing anywhere else in the world. We are proud this carry this product line that is making waves in the food scene. The Ginger Sesame Miso Dressing won the Silver sofi Award in 2011, an honor bestowed upon the best gourmet and specialty foods. This is your opportunity to try a truly world-class condiment.

Find out more about this exciting line of products from Nago Foods by visiting their manufacturer's page here. But really, the best way to learn about this great new item is to try some yourself. 

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