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Meet Your Matcha Green Tea

What is green and nearly worth its weight in gold? That's a slight exaggeration, but the answer is matcha. Of the wide and varied Japanese tea culture, the most sought after tea may very well be matcha (also spelled maccha), a finely milled green tea in powder form. 

Matcha stands out from the other teas because it is not prepared by steeping. Instead, the fine powder is mixed into the water, much like instant coffee or Ovaltine. In a traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremony, the matcha scooped out with a bamboo device, placed into a special matcha ceremonial bowl, and mixed into hot water with a bamboo whisk. Once dissolved, a nice layer of frothy bubbles will lay on top.

The culprit behind green tea's towering stature as a healthy superfood is an antioxidant called catechin. Of all teas, green tea has the highest concentration of this antioxidant, due it it being less processed and fermented than other varieties such as oolong and black teas. The resultant effect is a milder taste and a more healthy brew.

Over the past ten years, the beneficial effects of green tea has been studied ad infinitum. One 2005 study found that subjects who drank a daily bottle of tea with 690 mg of catechin content over 12 weeks experienced a loss of body fat compared to a control group who ingested 22 mg of catechin daily. Catechin has also been linked to slowing the activity of harmful free radicals.

Though matcha enjoys a long history, it's gain recent traction as a trendy flavor and ingredient. Nowadays, many treats are available in green tea or matcha flavors. If you've eaten at a Japanese restaurant in the past decade, chances are you've come across matcha green tea ice cream as a dessert offering. This venerable component is also seen in snack products such as the always popular Green Tea Pocky and the Maccha Collon shown below.

For the most bang for your buck, check out our blowout deal on over two pounds (2.2 lb.) of premium matcha powder. With this large portion of matcha, you'll be brewing green tea for all your guests year round and using it to flavor many baked goodies. One such baked goody is the delightful green tea cheese cake, and you can find the recipe here.

Using matcha powder in your baking adds an instant eye-catching burst of green. It also imparts a unique astringent tea flavor that works well in many application. Try experimenting with green tea cookies, mousse, cakes, and whatever else your mind can conjure up.

The most unique product we have with matcha powder is not even a food item. Instead, it is a toothpaste. Yes, this is a green tea toothpaste, infused with matcha powder. The catechins in green tea slows down the activity of the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Green tea is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which help stave off painful inflammations. The benefits of green tea never ceases to amaze.

I hope you'd come to enjoy the many uses that matcha green tea has, both as a drink and in cooking. It really earns its reputation as a superfood. Drink your way to a healthier you and leave others green with envy. 

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