GEO Colored Contact Lens

GEO Rx Colored Contact LensGEO Rx Colored Contact Lens Super Angel Eye Large Color LensSuper Angel Eye Large Color Lens Super Nudy Large Color LensSuper Nudy Large Color Lens
Super Diamond large Color LensSuper Diamond large Color Lens Angel Eye 2-Tone LensAngel Eye 2-Tone Lens GEO Magic Circle LensGEO Magic Circle Lens
Nudy Colored 2-Tone LensNudy Colored 2-Tone Lens GEO Anime Eyes Colored LensesGEO Anime Eyes Colored Lenses Olive Magic Color LensOlive Magic Color Lens
Twins Magic Color LensTwins Magic Color Lens Hurricane Contact LensHurricane Contact Lens 2-Tone Magic Color Lens2-Tone Magic Color Lens
3-Tone Magic Color Lens3-Tone Magic Color Lens Fresh Natural Oriental EyesFresh Natural Oriental Eyes Tearful Circle Color LensTearful Circle Color Lens

For more information about the quality, different styles, or requirements to purchase contact lenses online please visit our blog GEO COLOR CONTACTS MAKE LENSES COOL AGAIN!

All GEO Contact Lenses are sold in pairs. Please read all of the instructions on how to apply and care for your contacts. Click here to download instructions. Asian Food Grocer mails GEO contacts with the Certified Authentic Sticker, so you can verify the origin and quality through GEO's website.

GEO lens are 100% approved & certified by Korean Food & Drugs Administration, Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, ISO International Standard Organisation & Conformité Européenne - Europe. With one of the highest water content at 38-42%, GEO Contact Lens gives maximum comfort for your eyes throughout the day.

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Geo Color Contact Lenses
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