Asian Dishware

Make a lasting impression at your next dinner part with these authentic Asian Dishware items. Our Asian Dishware is made from primarily two different materials: Melamine and Super White China. Our Red and Black Dishware is one of our customer favorites because of its authentic Japanese styling and unique molded patterns. We also have many Super White China dish sets that are light and elegant with a variety of beautiful patterns, making them perfect for both everyday use and special dinner gatherings.

Sushi Dishes Dark StonewareSushi Dishes Dark Stoneware Red & Black DishwareRed & Black Dishware Peony Melamine DishwarePeony Melamine Dishware
Pearl White Porcelain DishwarePearl White Porcelain Dishware Blue Berries Porcelain DishwareBlue Berries Porcelain Dishware Spring Roses Porcelain DishwareSpring Roses Porcelain Dishware
Bamboo Stoneware Sushi PlatesBamboo Stoneware Sushi Plates Red Lotus Asian DishwareRed Lotus Asian Dishware Pink Blossom Porcelain DishwarePink Blossom Porcelain Dishware
Blue Fish Porcelain DishwareBlue Fish Porcelain Dishware Birds & Flower Melamine DishwareBirds & Flower Melamine Dishware Blue Flower Porcelain DishwareBlue Flower Porcelain Dishware
Longevity DishwareLongevity Dishware Eggplant DishwareEggplant Dishware Edamame DishwareEdamame Dishware
Koi Fish DishwareKoi Fish Dishware

Melamine is a synthetic polymer resin which is made of an organic compound. Melamine Dishware are very durable and heat resistant; however, Melamine Dishware is not microwave safe and will begin to degrade if exposed to extreme heat.

Super White China is a Porcelain material. Porcelain is a type of ceramic which is white in color, semi-translucent, and very hard. Porcelain Dishware has been made in China since 600 A.D. There are two types of porcelain, hard paste and soft paste. Hard paste porcelain is the more traditional Chinese style of pottery. Soft paste is considered to be the “true china” pottery style. Porcelain is also used to make cups, vases and other works of fine art which is where porcelain gets the name “Fine China.”