Pocky, Snacks, & Candy

Our Asian snacks provide just the "mmmm" your meal is missing. We carry a wide array of Japanese snacks for you to crunch, munch, and chew. From the salty to the irresistibly sweet, our Asian snacks satisfy even the most voracious appetite. You'll find a large assortment of Japanese Candy, Pocky, and Hello Kitty snacks. Next time you sit down to watch your favorite flick, forgo the popcorn for these can't-resist, palate-pleasing munchies. These Japanese snacks also do wonders for midnight cravings! Forget the plain-old chips and dips, our Asian snacks will be a hit at any party.

HEAT SENSITIVE! The various chocolate products that we carry were developed to melt in a person's mouth, around 98 degrees. If it should melt before you get the chance to enjoy it, just place the product in average room temperature and they will cool but stick together. Melting does not affect the edibility of the product.

Pocky Sticks & PretzPocky Sticks & Pretz Chocolate SnacksChocolate Snacks Soft Chewy CandySoft Chewy Candy
Japanese CandyJapanese Candy Gum & BubblegumGum & Bubblegum Hello Kitty SnacksHello Kitty Snacks
GummyGummy Rice CrackersRice Crackers Chips & CookiesChips & Cookies
Wasabi Peas & NutsWasabi Peas & Nuts Dried SnacksDried Snacks YokanYokan

From Pocky sticks to Ramune Soda, AFG has many Asian snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth. Many varieties of Pocky sticks, Kasugai Gummy candy and Ramune sodas are just some of the sweets that we offer. And if you are craving something salty, check out our selection of Japanese rice crackers. Stock up on these Asian snacks and next time you get a snack attack, you'll be prepared.