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Ramune Japanese Soda

If you are looking for a great beverage, try out some of our great drinks, like German Coffee, tea, canned drinks, and Ramune Soda.

Original Ramune Soda 6.7 Fz

Original Ramune Soda 6.7 Fz

Ramune is Japan's favorite soda line, with its fizzy liquid contained in the special bottle that has even inspired clubs to speak about different ways to open the bottles (the glass bottles have a marble at their neck that is popular in Japan). At Asian Food Grocer, we carry a variety of flavors, including the original and still popular "Hello Kitty" soda. We also carry strawberry, melon, orange, and original Ramune soda.

Rice Crackers

Rice crackers are not a bland unflavored cracker. They are available in many exciting flavors that will please your palette. For example, you can get Orchids Sesame Bits, the "Authentic Japanese Rice Cracker" make with 100% Glutinous Rice. This tasty snack is great with tea, cocktails, or other beverages. You can also get rice crackers in the following flavors:

Japanese Snacks

Glico Chocolate Pocky

Japanese PockyIf you are looking for a super selection of snacks popular in Japan, you are in the right place. At Asian Food Grocer, we make it easy to shop for the Japanese Snack foods and beverages you want. We have a wide selection that will surprise and delight you twice! How will it delight twice? Easy. When you look at our selection, you will be excited about the selection of items like Ramune soda, rice crackers, shrimp chips, Pocky, and all of the other products. Then, when you receive your order, you will be thrilled as you take a drink or a bite of these amazing products.

Our selection of Japanese Snacks includes everything from nibbles, finger foods, appetizers, to cocktail snacks.

  • seaweed
  • tokyo mix
  • party mix
  • cherry bits
  • osaka mix
  • cheese
  • and more

Shrimp Chips

Orchids Shrimp Chips

Orchids Hot & Spicy Shrimp Chips

If you want something to crunch on at night while watching your favorite anime cartoon, while hanging out with friends, or while doing anything else, we have the chip you want. You can get cheese curls, lentil pea chips, and many other sensational flavors. And, of course, don't forget the staple shrimp chips - they are yummy!

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