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Nature's Kin Forest Sap Detox Patch

Product Number - 5500000
Bin Number - NEW

This natural one step detoxification system contains 14 patches. Our natural Forest Sap Detox Patch works in two ways. First, it generates excellent heating via far-infrared-rays and anion emissions, improving blood circulation. Secondly, it effectively absorbs toxins circulating in the body. This capability was developed from 26 years of medical research in Japan. It is based on principles used by nature forest trees' resistance to disease by effectively absorbing and purifying large quantities of water through their roots. Combining the results of this research with the well known principles of reflexology led to this excellent product.

Price: $16.95 

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Remove adhesive protector, apply patch to either the bottoms of your feet, shoulder, lower back, or anywhere where you have muscle pains.

Topical Starch, Chitosan, Highly purified Silica, Mugwort extract, Pearl Stone, Polyolic.

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