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Nature's Kin Warm Sap Detox Patch

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This natural one step detoxification system contains 14 patches. In Oriental Medicinal Theory, the soles of the feet are known as the “Second Heart", which means they are the focal point for important parts of the body, especially blood circulation. The soles are the central reflex points connected to the entire body. As the blood circulates to the feet and hands the powerful mixture of our natural ingredients promotes the release of the toxins through nerve endings and acupuncture points. This helps to improve and support the body’s circulation and natural healing properties.

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Remove adhesive protector, apply patch to either the bottoms of your feet, shoulder, lower back, or anywhere where you have muscle pains.

Tropical Starch, Chitosan, Micro Capsule, Agaricus, Mugwort extract, Vitamin C, Loquat extract, Tourmaline, Polysaccharide Eucalyptus oil.


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