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Bamboo Chopsticks to Go 80 Pack

Product Number - WF130
Bin Number - 6147

These 8 inch, rounded wooden chopsticks come in a pack of about 80 pairs. Each pair comes separated from the other, and with its own self enclosed paper sleeve. The sleeves come in a powerful red color, have a wonderfully traditional design, and have instructions for use on the outside. Perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced, these chopsticks will find use alongside any meal.

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Price: $2.75 

More Product Information

Size Pattern Texture
8 in. None Bamboo
    • Product of China


    • Made of bamboo


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Customer Reviews

Rating: 4 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Dec 12 2009 10:26
by Char
I would like to order Chinese (square and blunt end) chop sticks. This says these are "made" in China, but does not say they are Chinese rather than Japanese style. Can I assume they are Chinese? If someone knows, please email me. thanks, Char

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