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Black Clay Cooking Pot 4 Liter

Product Number - 86110
Bin Number - 8103

AsianFoodGrocer offers you this large ceramic pot for all your cooking needs. It can be used on the stove top, in the oven, or even with a microwave. It’s capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures (400 C), and is designed not to crack or warp when you move it from the hot oven to cool room temperatures. Use it for stew, pastas, rice, vegetables, sea food, gumbo, or anything else you can imagine.

Price: $21.95 

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Tuesday Nov 01 2011 13:40
by Brian
This is an excellent soup pot. It's larger than I thought from the image but perfect for my family of three. I can't really use my cast iron pot for stews because it's gotten to heavy for my back but this one holds heat like a heavy iron pot without the back-busting weight. I'll order another one for my mom when her birthday rolls around.

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